What’s New

May 25th is the theatrical release date for the Oren Peli horror film, Chernobyl Diaries. The action-adventure-WWII film, Company of Heroes will be in theaters in December, the same time that the video game by the same name will hit store shelves. Dimitri plays the role of Ivan Puzharsky in both the film and the video game adaptation. In other news Dimitri has also lended his voice to the newest Hefty tv commercial campaign and the newest Post-apocalyptic video game, The Last of Us.

My First Sitcom!!!

Dimitri Diatchenko just shot an episode of How I Met Your Mother last week. He plays the role of Arvydas in one of the funniest episodes to date. The episode is titled “46 minutes” and airs on Jan. 16th, 2012.