Dimitri to guest star on CSI MIAMI on March 30

Recently Dimitri Diatchenko worked on the hit CBS TV series, CSI MIAMI.  The episode name is “Wolfe in Sheep’s Clothing” and his character’s name is “Andrei”, a high level Russian mafia enforcer.  The story line actually covers two episodes: March 23rd and March 30th.  Although Mr. Sarnoff (Andrew Divoff) is in Miami Prison, he is still calling shots in his mafia family.  Andrei is his right hand man when it comes to the latest situation which requires Andrei to capture the attention of one of Horatio’s team in order to release some of the Russian mafia members from jail.  This story develops fully in the March 30th episode where Dimitri appears in the “Teaser” up till the end of the show.  It is rather dark and bloody….a nice change of pace.

Andrei and Horatio in CSI MIAMI